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I make games sometimes! I know how to code in java and C# but fuck me if I'm gonna program a game, so instead I use stuff like Ren'py, Bitsy and the like to make funky games. Everything I make is free to play and download, so have fun!


You can play these ones in browser, no download needed! Move using the arrow keys, and interact with objects by moving towards them. If pressing an arrow key doesn't start the game, try clicking on the screen.

Eternal Punishment

This game is about being sent to hell. :)

The Art Gallery

This game is about being a lesbian and going to an art gallery with your wife!

Apply Now!

This is a Twine game about applying for a job at Omnimart.


You'll have to download these games to play them. Clicking a link will send you to its associated page, where you can download it for free. Or not. Do whatever you like.


Ventura is a visual novel made in Ren'py that's about starting a new job in a cyberpunk city, and meeting your two cute co-workers.


This RPGMaker game is the equivalent of a summer movie crossover between my three Kamen Rider OCs.

Sable's Shopping Trip

A very short platformer made in python. Made so I can proudly say that I've programmed a game.