Recovering from covid

October 21, 2022
A ringing phone.

The covid equivalent of my fever breaking happened today. Yesterday I could barely speak or eat, and today I feel far better. My headache is gone, my joints are only a little achey, and I can talk again! It feels really nice to be able to actually do things again. I'm still housebound though, which is a little annoying because it's a long weekend and I had plans... So instead of going anywhere, I'm going to knuckle down and see if I can have lots of fun inside!

I hauve covid

October 17, 2022

I managed to avoid for three full years, but I finally got it. :( My flatmates both got it so it was really only a matter of time, but I'm still kind of upset about it. At least I get a week off work? But I was about to start in a new position this week (I got a promotion!) so I'm a little grumpy that I have to wait another week to really start it. I don't feel too bad, at least. I'm just a bit achey, my head feels bad and my throat is a little raw. But it's better than my flatmates - they looked like they were dying when they had it...

My Life Nowadays :)

September 28, 2022
A rotating floppy disk.

It's been so long since I last updated my website that my life has changed a lot! I'm no longer a university student, for one thing. I graduated with a nice crispy bachelor of design which I'm probably never gonna use. Nowadays I work doing admin stuff for a tertiary education place, which is perfect for my kind of fragile mental health. I can't physically do five day weeks without having breakdowns and stuff, but this job lets me work at home two days a week which is perfect. I'm going for a promotion right now, which I'm really excited for! It would mean more work, but it would also mean that I don't have to panic about money like I do right now.

I also got a girlfriend between now and last year. I have a bunch of relationship-based trauma which is why I have depression and anxiety, but my current girlfriend is the best!!! I'm saving to visit her right now and I'm so excited!!! I love my Rola to the moon and back. :)

Aside from that, my interests have shifted a little. Gundam is no longer super interesting to me, and instead I like tokusatsu and arthouse movies. I'm getting back into reading, I've been learning lots of recipes, and I'm pretty okay at knitting nowadays. I feel really happy that I have some more skills under my belt and I think my life right now is pretty good! I'm much happier (when I made this website in 2020 I was getting better from my depression but nowadays I really am a ton better! Being medicated and having a good job really does wonders) and enjoying life! I hope the same is true for you, reader~

Smol update

September 27, 2022
An E-mail being sent between two computer screens.

A full year and a day after my last post, I bring an update! I got a small burst of inspiration from my friend Erik making a neocities, so I decided to do a little renovating and add some new stuff. So now I have a page where I'll be writing down my thoughts on movies and music I like! Nothing too intense, just a space for me to hopefully find likeminded people to talk about stuff with. Which leads me to the fact that I've put my email on the main page! If you like, feel free to shoot me an email about anything on the site. I don't wanna do small chat so don't send me something like 'how's it going?' but I'd love to hear what you think about x media we have in common!

Slowing down

September 26, 2021

This website has, I feel, reached its natural conclusion. I like to think there's enough here to keep someone entertained, and also to make them know me as more than just a faceless internet user. There are links that go to nowhere still, and little blank spaces where there should be text, but I think that just adds to the charm. A website with the ugly edges sanded off isn't a website at all. So from now on I am considering this website effectively done. Don't expect any big changes. If a link breaks, I will do my best to change it. But as hosted images slowly disappear (as is already beginning on Juri's shrine), as blog posts get slower and shorter, as entropy opens its mouth and slowly eats this website, please accept it as it is. Nothing lasts forever. This website will shut down eventually. Please enjoy it as it is now.

My guestbook is no longer broken :)

September 5, 2021

I replaced my guestbook link! I'm sad to have lost the previous messages, but I read all of them and hold them dear to my heart. The new guestbook is less flashy, but I hope it will serve the same job of bringing me and the visitors of my website a little closer together. :)

I think my guestbook is broken :\

August 28, 2021

Whenever I try to visit my guestbook or 123Guestbook, it won't connect. I ran it through 'is it down right now' and it looks like the whole website is kaput. Presumably this means there's no way to get back the comments kind people have left, which is a shame, but at least I've read and cherished all of them. If 123Guestbook comes back online soon I'll leave it as it is, but if not, I'll find a different website and make a new guestbook. :(

70,000 views, holy shit

July 5, 2021

This website has officially been looked at 70,000 times. That's a lot. I'm really grateful to anyone who likes looking at my little corner of the internet! I firmly belive that the internet is a better place when it's more diverse, and there are more places people can go just to poke about and not be accosted by ads and ways of making money. I hope you all continue to enjoy looking at my website, and I'll continue to improve it any way I can.

Dream Journal

June 3, 2021

Last night I dreamt about a big building - I think I was trying to escape it... Kitaoka Shuichi was there, and so was a young trans guy who was clearly in need of support. In this dream Kitaoka was a trans guy too (hell yes) and gave him advice on buying clothes, and when I woke up, I couldn't help but feel happy about it. It's nice when characters you look up to are supportive of you, isn't it? Maybe I should start a dream journal.

RiderWiki sorta sucks and I could do it better

May 28, 2021

As Kamen Rider fans may already know, the Kamen Rider Wiki kinda sucks. As a data aggregate, it is perfectly serviceable. In fact, I commend the people who tirelessly update and work on the wiki. I'm a part of their discord, and it is clear that the wiki is a passion project kept up to date entirely through volunteers. That being said, that same community is fiercely protective of their darling, and it feels like there's a lot of gunk that falls through the gaps. This wouldn't be a problem... If people didn't treat the wiki like a primary source. I seriously can't stand it when people do this. Fan Wikis are at best secondary sources, which should ideally point to official primary sources for all their information. At best, they are a translated repository that reflects sources. At worst, they are lies and misinformation accepted as fact. If people weren't so willing to accept whatever they read online, the rider wiki having weird shit like using (likely) incorrect images for Ryuki stageshow characters wouldn't be such a pervasive issue that has fooled a whole community into thinking they're being told the truth. So I am going to single handedly fix this problem, because I'm just that cool. Not just by making an account and fixing the problems, which I have also done, but by proclaiming new rules that will definitely fix everything.

  • If information is vague or impossible to source, remove it or add a footnote. Doesn't matter how entrenched it is in the minds of viewers: if it's not based on fact, it gets the axe. This means cutting incorrect text, or in the cases of rare images (like papillon and cerberus from the ryuki stageshow), pointing out that images may not be accurate.
  • Writing should be checked before it is allowed to change the site. Mutsuki's page is a grammatical mess.
  • NO SPECULATION. Suggesting something is a callback or foreshadowing just because you 'think it is' does not belong on a wiki. That belongs in your fanfiction. Unless VERY OBVIOUSLY a reference, or officially confirmed by staff/actors/toei/etc, get that shit outta here.
  • Honestly just cut 90% of the 'trivia' because most of it is either nonsense or obvious

GoatCounter results!

May 6, 2021

The fruits of my labour have paid off! Here's some data from GoatCounter, and what I'm gonna take away from it.

A series of data gathered from Goat Counter.

Most of the people who find my website do it by browsing, or from 'unknown'. Bit threatening, but alright! I feel like this suggests frequent updates is one of the best ways to advertise your website. It also shows the use of being part of a webring; hbaguette is the person I'm connected to through hotline webring, so it's nice to know I'm getting use out of that.

The browser information isn't very enlightening - it doesn't mean much unless there's a browswer my website doesn't work on.

Systems and screen size is pretty interesting. I wasn't expecting so many people on phones to view my site, and I wonder how well it works on mobile. It's ABSOLUTELY not built for mobile, and I seriously don't want to overhaul every page just to add some phone compatability. I'll be keeping an eye on this, and if the number of phone viewers continue to rise, I might extend a question or two and see if using my website on mobile is a truly miserable experience.

The final datapoint is viewers by country, which is mostly from the United States and Canada, though New Zealand is also up there because I view my own pages to check edits. Interestingly, I also have some views from Hungary and Bulgaria. So hi, you guys!!

The joy of statistics

May 1, 2021

I implemented Goatcounter into my website today. Most pages now track views - not all of them, though. I didn't add a few that I wasn't really interested in seeing the views on. But this means that hopefully soon I'll have a better idea of what people are coming to my website for. This is good for you because it means you get more of what you like, and it's good for me because I LOVE looking at and analysing statistics. It's a win win situation!!

I added a tip button

April 25, 2021

It felt a bit weird to add the tip button to my neocities profile. After all, I didn't make this website for money - it's merely a passion project. And any money I were to receive would not be going into the website, because I don't have to pay for hosting. In fact, the money would most likely go to boring things like paying for my spotify subscription. But I am a student who doesn't have a job, and as such I will happily take any chance I can get for a little spending money. I try to be conscientious about it and donate money to charity when I have extra disposable income - so if you are considering donating to me, please first see if there's a charity near you that would be better off with the money. If not, I'll gladly accept your very kind donation, and if I'm able to, I'll donate it myself.

Talking about kamen rider because I can

April 23, 2021

Today I'm going to talk about Kamen Rider because nobody can stop me! (And because if I pester my friends any more, they'll get annoyed.) I love Kamen Rider!!! It's my new Big Thing that I'm going to completely inhale and then get burnt out on, just like I did with Gundam. But who cares if I get bored of it in the end? I'm having a blast now, so I'm going to enjoy it! And because nobody asked, I'm going to write up my current tier list for every kamen rider show I've seen so far.

  1. Kamen Rider Ryuki: Well, this is the only one I made a whole fanpage for, so it's kinda obvious. I LOVE kamen rider ryuki. I love how much depth it has, and how much you can think about the story without getting bored. The concept of Ryuki seems simple: thirteen riders fight each other to the death, and the last one alive gets a wish from the mysterious man Shiro Kanzaki. But the main character, Shinji Kido, wasn't chosen to be one of those thirteen riders by Shiro - he just accidentally stumbled onto his card deck, and now wants to stop the fighting. This simple premise spirals into an incredibly intriguing story of time travel, familial bonds, moral ethics and tragedy. It gets really heavy, and I love it for that. With Ryuki, the movies really enhance the story rather than feeling tacked on. Knight Survive is my favourite secondary rider suit, and I think Ouja is my favourite rider character ever. He sucks so much... I love him...

  2. Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm not the only one who loves Den-O. It always ranks super high (sometimes first) in popularity fanpolls, and it has EIGHT movies. And for good reason!! The story of Ryotaro and his four imagins is one of love, adventure, and time trippin' rides, all underscored by the mystery of Sakurai Yuuto and his imagin Deneb. Den-O does something I've never seen before in time travel stories, which is it bases it on people: in Den-O, history is literally made of people's memories. As long as someone remembers how history is supposed to be, then you can't just go and ruin the past. And Ryotaro, as a singularity point, is completely immune to time meddling. Did they know this would be a boon in a decade or so when zi-o came about? The only reason Den-O is lower on this list than Ryuki is because Den-O is a very complete story: it tells its narrative, wraps it up, and ends. Obviously the characters get up to movie hijinks but it's nothing that you can't live without. I really like it being so complete, but it doesn't leave as much food for thought as Ryuki.

  3. Kamen Rider Build: Build was my first show, and I really loved it. As far as Kamen Riders go, it has a very brisk plot, mostly ignoring any monster of the week format (there are monsters of the week present, but there are very few bottle episodes) and instead having a breakneck paced plot that centres on political intrigue and personal battles intertwined. The main villain, Evolt, is a real bastard, and a lot of people don't like him for being a smarmy planet-killing megavillain, but I kind of like him. I would have liked it more if the show had definitively killed him off, though. Build's belt and base form are both my favourites!

  4. Kamen Rider Fourze: UCHUU KITA!!! Fourze is a bundle of joy from start to finish. The show leans heavily on the monster of the week format, which I would normally not like so much, but it makes it really enjoyable by the perfect cast of characters. Gentarou is a joy to watch, and I really love how he and Yuuki interact. The zodiarts designs are also amazing, especially saggitarius and libra. Fourze ranks kinda low on this list despite being so good mostly because of Ryusei Sakuta, the secondary rider. Meteor Storm fucking sucks as a suit, and I really dislike him as a character. He comes off as standoffish and mean, and his gimmick of shouting like Bruce Lee while he's fighting is just kind of annoying. He's definitely my least favourite secondary rider...

  5. Kamen Rider Double (Kamen Rider W): Philip my beloved... Double has a great core cast of characters, especially Hidari and Philip. The idea of a two-in-one rider is so much fun, and Hidari is wonderful as the heart of the show. Honestly, if I kinned characters, I would kin Hidari. He wears his heart on his sleeve despite trying to come off as cool and hard-boiled, and loves Philip deeply. He's soft-hearted, a little immature, and has terrible sense. I love him. Unfortunately, as you can see, W is at the bottom of this list. This is for a few reasons. W is very much a monster-of-the-week show, and focuses a little too much on the Sonozaki family. It also tries to redeem them a bit at the end, which falls totally flat - Ryuubee literally tried to permanently traumatise Hidari into a life-long panic attack. There's no coming back from that. I would have really liked W if it had been more willing to show the relationship between Hidari and Philip, and if Akiko had been given a character arc. As it is, it's a great show, but not the best rider by a long shot.

The other rider shows I'm currently watching are Kuuga and OOO. I wonder where they'll end up on this list?


April 19, 2021

I think that everyone should speak at least two languages. The idea of a world where only five or so languages are spoken is a scary one to me; languages are beautiful, and so many are unappreciated. I was brought up monolingual, and I'm currently learning Japanese. If, one day, I manage to be fluent in Japanese, I'm going to try to learn Maori. Maori is a beautiful language, and it's an incredibly important part of New Zealand's history and modern culture. It's very sad to me that it's not taught as a primary language across the country, but I guess that's racism for you. English is considered the 'useful' language, and because English is considered the 'useful' language, infrastructure to MAKE Maori useful isn't done.

I hope that one day I'll be able to converse freely in many languages. Right now, I'm only a beginner in Japanese, sadly. I can understand simple sentences- 'I'm going to the office', 'It's raining' - but not complex sentences, and a lot of verb endings still confuse me. It will be a long time until I can speak Japanese conversationally without trouble, but I won't give up, because I know it's possible with time. I hope I can convince someone, somewhere, some time, to try and learn a different tongue. Preferably, one that's under threat. If you live in a colonised country, there'll probably be a language you can learn that has relevance to where you live. I think it's the least we can do, right?

Soundtrack Thoughts

April 18, 2021

I love soundtracks! I bet we all do, right? There's something so cool about returning motifs, and the overall mise en scene a good soundtrack adds to a tv show. I'm a big tv show watcher - specifically anime and tokusatsu - so I have a few OSTs I really like. For instance, Kamen Rider Build has a really cool soundtrack that leans into being ominous, foreboding and industrial. There's a lot of heavy drums, synthetic choirs, and trembling violins that make it feel quite dark at times. By contrast, Kamen Rider Den-O's soundtrack leans heavily on brass instruments, giving it a regal and boisterous feeling that's perfect for a show themed around trains. I have immense respect for musicians, because it's something I definitely have no aptitude for.

I'm just a big music fan in general. I used to not listen to music much until I was about 17. That was when my best friend Jemcy introduced me to heavy metal, djent, punk and nu metal. Before that, all I listened to was my chemical romance and fall out boy. Nowadays, I have hundreds of songs I love, and I'm always finding new ones! Here are some songs that I have attachments to right now:

  • Закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу by Kino
  • Too much time on my hands by Styx
  • Alive a Life by Rica Matsumoto

Website Updates

April 17, 2021
A dove carrying a yellow envelope

Lots of little changes to the website today! I added some more photography and a new little Kintaros gif. I also deleted the lolita page and made the NFT Fuck You link smaller. I'm considering whether to merge the games page with the zines and links page, but that sounds like a lot of work. Not sure what else I want to add to the website, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

The inherent comfort of repetition

April 16, 2021

Today I've been thinking about soap operas. Specifically, I've been thinking about how Kamen Rider, despite being an action-focused franchise, is a lot like a soap opera. I'd argue the same could be said for super sentai. I say this because I've been reading a book about soap operas, and the similarities between the two are interesting to me.

A large focus of the soap opera is a long, endless narrative that does not lead up to a clean resolution. Instead it is built to continue forever, repeating itself in minutely different ways to provide intimate, personal interpersonal dramas that reflect a melodramatic version of real life. In contrast, Kamen Rider shows are serials that have a beginning, middle and end. They use physical violence as a medium for drama. They may seem quite different at first, but I find the more I think about it, the more similar they really are. For example, on many layers, Kamen Rider is comfortingly repetitive. The rider will always transform using a belt, will usually fight a monster every episode, and by the end of the show, will defeat the villain and restore peace. On a larger scale, the shows themselves repeat; each year a show ends, and a new one begins. This unbroken rhythm reflects the way soap operas function.

Outside influences and external conversation are also a similarity between the two. Soap operas thrive on creating and sustaining conversations about the show in the times between the viewer actually watches the show. Magazines, TV guides and friends discuss and analyse the show, the characters, and the actors. By using knowledge like expiring actor contracts, guesses can be made about future plot points. If the audience has a strong positive or negative reaction to a certain character, it may impact their place on the show. Similarly, external discussion is integral to Kamen Rider. Toy sales are pushed by avid fan interest and encouraged by media coverage. Fans can guess at future plot points by teased suits and actor statements. Dan Kuroto is the living embodiment of how the viewerbase can directly affect the show. In this sense, Kamen Rider acts as a soap opera, dependant on sustained viewer interest inbetween the times they are actually watching the show.

I often hear it said that early heisei Kamen Rider is 'soap opera-y'. When people say this, I take it to mean they think the shows are melodramatic, and slower paced. From my own experience, this is certainly true; Kuuga and Ryuki luxuriate in rich interpersonal drama, using monster battles to punctuate said conflicts rather than distract from them. I believe, however, that the connection between Kamen Rider and soap opera as a genre is deeper than just the similarities in early heisei. I believe it persists even into the modern reiwa riders, and is integral to the concept of Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai, as franchises that we know will always be there for us to watch.

unhappy today

April 15, 2021

Unhappy today. Feeling down. My friends don't seem to care very much about my interests. I try to engage them and instead of simply being turned down, they stare at their phones when I try to show them a show, or kid around when I try to talk about my university work. I just want them to engage seriously with me. My interests are childish sometimes and always niche, but I care about them. I want to talk about kamen rider and phase diagrams because that's what I care about. That's why I listen to what they're interested in. So i'd like them to do the same thing back.

I'm feeling very stressed because of life. I'm struggling with a paper, and this week I forgot to hand something in. Doing badly in a paper makes me feel stupid, and I absolutely don't want to re-take a paper. I don't care if I get a C-, I just want to pass the paper. I have a lot to do as well. I've been skipping lectures and I have so many projects to do, it all feels insurmountable. My friends are working hard, so why aren't I?

I don't like flatting. Other people have bad ways of doing things. They don't clean up after themselves, for instance. They leave their things on the table and put things away in dumb places. I want to be at home with my family. We ran out of milk today, so I'm drinking black tea and feeling a pain in my heart that I haven't felt for a long time.


April 11, 2021
日本語を勉強するので、今日はブログを日本語で書きる。昨日電王を見た。たのしかったです!!モモタロス、大好き!もっとエピソード見たい。 次の仮面ライダーはどちらですか?OOO?ファイズ?全部見たい!

Discord, I'm howling at the moon

March 16, 2021

Does anyone else feel passionately about discord servers? I'm an admin in a Gundam server with 46 members and whenever I join a server run by other people, I'm always pretty shocked by their set-up. For example, today I joined a server that has nearly ONE HUNDRED channels, and four voice channels. Nobody needs that!!! So I'm gonna write my list of admin rules because nobody can stop me >:)

  • ONE VOICE CHANNEL. Unless you have a legitimate reason for needing more than one (i.e. the server hosts gaming competitions) you only need one.
  • A channel called 'off topic' is the most useless shit in the universe
  • You don't need a channel for art, and a channel for images, and a channel for memes, and a channel for videos, and a channel for role requests, and a channel f
  • Have an admin channel oh my god
  • Mods are useful for logging actions, facilitating music channels and auto-assigning roles, but if you have a mod that just pops in to tell people they 'levelled up' i'll kill you
  • There's a reason that one channel is always empty :)

I miss the decentralised web :(

February 23, 2021

Since you use neocities, I bet you do too, huh? I was born in 2000 so I never used the 90s web, but I still remember a time before youtube, facebook and twitter were such monoliths. Of course, I use two out of three of those daily, so I can see why. But I miss the times when - especially in terms of fandoms - you had to go to lots of different websites to get your kicks, and niche groups were waiting for you at every one. For example, I used to frequent roleplay forums in my youth. Nowadays most of them lie abandoned, untouched, or no longer extant. Roleplay has shifted to places like discord, where the aspect of privacy is an advantage and a curse. While nobody can see what you're doing, there's no archival of your activities and it's effectively lost as soon as it happens.

Tumblr was never a nice place to be. In its heyday it was a festering cesspool of teenage hormones and fandom drama, where saying the wrong thing got you raked over coals and asinine arguments were repeated every week. Plus, the blog format was great at burying unique and awesome content, leaving it to die in the bowels of someone's finely manicured page.

That's why I love places like neocities. Static web pages never swallow content in a stream of consciousness, for one thing. Another thing is the revival of webrings and the ability for one-on-one conversation. If I could have my dreams realised, I would want neocities fandom forums, RSS chats and fanlists. I would ask for more fanfiction websites than just ao3, and more forums than just reddit. I'm doing my part by having a neocities website, but there's only so much one person can do...

I'm a Kamen Rider simp now

February 18, 2021

I left this blog alone for so long that I became infatuated with Kamen Rider, oops! So far I've seen Build, Fourze, and Ryuki, in that order. I'm currently watching Den-O and Zero-One. After that I intend to watch Kuuga, and then maybe either Wizard, Gaim, Amazon or Decade if I'm feeling silly. I have a build figurise model (rabbit/tank form), and I pre-ordered a Ryuki figureise, which I'm excited about! Other than that, I move out next week. Scary stuff! It'll be okay though, I'm flatting with my two best friends. One of them is a guy who I love more than quite possibly anybody else in the whole universe!!! Except my little brother :P He's a great guy, and his girlfriend is great too! I'm excited to be living with them!! So wish me luck in the moving process ;w;

Oops! All University

May 6, 2020

Whoops, I forgot to update my website for a billion years! This is because of uni, and also I don't owe anybody anything. I added a link to a sitemap and then never made one, so uhhhhhhh i'll add that at some point. Otherwise the core of the website is finished so anything else is just set dressing. Don't expect any big changes from here on out.


April 22, 2020

I extensively epanded the demonology section today. I have more character shrines planned (pompompurin, animal crossing) and I'm going to add more links to my contact page such as my email and account. But... I'm starting to feel bad. It's a kind of bad that I know pretty well, because I have generalised anxiety disorder. It's kind of a feeling like I'm trying to go in a dozen different directions, but obviously that's impossible, so I just stand in one place and panic because I'm not going anywhere. That's how I feel about life in general, and it's only become worse because of lockdown. This website was supposed to be a respite from it, but now I feel like it's not good enough, and I'm bad at making it. I'm not good at html/css and I'm getting anxious that this website sucks, and I'm wasting my time. I realise this is a very small anxiety, but I figured typing it out might help.

Anxiety is weird, huh? It makes tiny things into great big horrible things. I tend to have lots of physical symptoms. I'll get cold sweats, or a feeling of dread in my stomach, or my heart will hurt like it's getting constricted by a snake. I'll chew or pick at my lips, I constantly jiggle my leg when I'm sitting, and I have a tendency to fiddle with things when I'm idling. I get uncomfortable in silence, so at campus I always have my headphones with me. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck sometimes, but I'm doing better now because I've been on zoloft for a year for my anxiety and depression. I don't expect anybody to actually read this, but if you are, don't worry about me! I've only ever tried to kill myself once and it was a terrible experience, so I'm not doing it again. Plus, I've been self harm free for months now! I am STRONK!

Anyway... I'll try to stop comparing myself to other people. I'm unique, and this website is for myself, not for other people. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be mine.

私 は ばか ですね。。

April 21, 2020

Today's changes were mostly small. I cleaned up some stuff on the zines and links page, and I've made some placeholder text for the demonology page. I've decided on some of the things I'm going to include on that page: a library, an encyclopedia, and an area for my own personal writings. I also want to make a tribute page to anime and Japan, with a subsection chronicling my own study of the language. I'm not very good at it yet, but I think having a microblog in there where I write things like reviews only in Japanese would help motivate me to work harder at it. First on my list is the Demonology stuff, though. I'm also thinking about having a kawaii/pastel aesthetic page, just for kicks. Much to think about...


April 20, 2020

I added a lot more stuff to the website today. There's now a page of rescued adoptables, and some more information about OCs. I've also made a new website about demonology! I don't believe demons are real, but I'm fascinated by information about them and I want to seriously learn about them. I want to become a self-proclaimed demonologist! So I'm going to make a list of reading material about demonology, and learn enough to be able to call myself an expert. Like this one!


April 19, 2020

This website has a games page now! I've kind of always wanted to make games, ever since I was a kid. First I though I could do the coding, then I thought I would do the art. My life has pushed me more towards art, but I don't have the patience to make stuff like icons or sprites, so instead of working as part of a team I make games using frameworks like Twine, Ren'py and Bitsy. My longest game is Ventura, which is a not-terribly-long visual novel about lesbians. I'm very proud of it, but it's not nearly as long as I had planned it to be. One day I'll make a bigger one...

I have a few games that I started work on then abandoned. One of them is a Twine game that emulates an old piece of Vaporwave software. The game revolves around you reading the journal entries, which unlock new websites you can visit as you piece together the identity of an unknown girl. It's on hold right now because I got burnt out and I don't really know where the plot is going; there's like, satanism and cyberpunk and 90s aesthetics all clashing together and it's not going super well. I also kinda wanna make a platformer, but lockdown is sapping all my creativity.

Other changes to the website are that I've renamed 'other stuff' to 'links and zines', and there's now a separate 'stuff' page. I'm not sure what stuff will actually be on it, but I like having a sort of misc page for all the stuff that would otherwise have nowhere to go.


April 2, 2020

The self isolation continues. I've updated the social media links so they actually go somewhere, so this website is functionally complete. Obviously I plan for more, but that's kind of on hold for now. I'm thinking about making zines to stave off going stir crazy.


Mar 23, 2020
A gundam floating up and down

At the time of writing this, today New Zealand moved up to level 3 pandemic alert, which is a bit scary. It's okay though, because I didn't go to university this week - I'm at home and my little brother is at his last day of school, so we'll all be together for the forseeable future. The only downside of this is the potential to go stir crazy, so hopefully that doesn't happen.

Anyway, I've added a list of cool links to the website, added the Web 1.1 page, completed the navigation bar and done a few general quality-of-life fixes. Hopefully now using this website should never lead to dead ends.


Mar 22, 2020
A surfing computer screen

Good afternoon! I've been making some significant additions to the website. These include: a directory page for ocs, a directory page for characters, and a character shrine for everyone's favourite bastard Char Aznable. The html is a mess, but I've now got a template for more shrines so expect more soon! I'm just not sure which characters I should make them for... Maybe Utena Tenjou, Saori Kido, or Relena Darlian?

Other changes include wording on the main and about pages. Next on my to-do list is to get the 'My Services' page up, and design a web button that other people can put on their own websites. Once those are done, I'll start feeling like a serious neocities site! But for now, I'm writing this blog and updating my website to avoid doing my university work. I should probably get to it..!


Mar 20, 2020
computers sending emails to one another

I'll preface this by saying I am not a child of the 90s. I was born in december of 2000, missing the decade by an entire year. Any nostalgia I have for it is fueled by movies and media, the internet of the 00s, and the lingering traces of the web 1.0 still around in those days. That being said, I still have an immense appreciation for the aesthetic and personality of the internet in its early days, and I'm incredibly glad that neocities exists in order to revive it and continue its legacy. With this website I hope to both put a little bit of myself out there, and to make it easier for other people both to start their own website and find other peoples'. My ultimate, lofty dream is to contribute to a revitalisation of a decentralised internet - that is, people conversing in chat rooms and forums, and making their own websites, rather than only using Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Hopefully once this website is completely up and running that goal won't seem quite so far away. I'll be implementing some resources for finding other neo and geo cities websites, as well as stuff you can put on your own. I plan on writing some articles about internet phenomena like webrings, and my ultimate goal is to convince other people to start their own neocities websites. In my own little way, I'm making an impact on the internet, and leaving an artifact that has a chance of keeping a legacy living. And even if none of that happens - at least I had a good time.