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22 year old child of the internet

Hi!!! I'm Rain! I'm a nerd with too much time on their hands. I'm a nonbinary lesbian and go by they/them and he/him. I live in New Zealand and I have a lot of different interests! My job is a quality specialist and pays very well, and gives me time to indulge in my interests - but I have depression and I'm very mentally fragile so it drains on me nonetheless... I have a bachelor's degree in Design with a minor in Geology! I gained a first dan black belt in a form of Hybrid martial arts but I am not practising so I do not consider myself a black belt any more.

My media tastes

Right now my favourite media is tokusatsu!!!!! I love Kamen Rider and right now I'm watching Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. My favourite tokusatsu movie is Zeiram. I love martial arts and wuxia movies, noir thrillers, psychological thinkers, dramas, experimental movies and historical fiction. My favourite movies are Tetsuo the Iron Man, Ong-Bak, Burning and Chizuko's Younger Sister. I also like anime, but not as much as I did as a teen. My favourite kind is mecha anime! I love Gundam and have seen all of UC, along with most of the alternate universe stuff. I also like Tetsujin-28 and Xabungle. Aside from mecha, I like comedies like Nichijou and Bocchi the Rock, as well as psychological and mature anime like .hack and Angel's Egg. I also read a LOT and enjoy poetry, realistic fiction, biographies, and really anything that catches my eye. I'm a #gamer - my favourite games are Monster Hunter World, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA - Mega Mix+. When I go to the arcade, you can find me playing pinball and Taiko no Tatsujin.

Why not check out my figure collection?

My Creative endeavours

I love to draw! I use a Wacom intuos pro medium. I use lots of different software - Clip Studio Paint for most general pieces, Krita for painting, Rebelle Pro for watercolour and Sai for chasing a more simplified experience. I used to do traditional art in all forms but it just takes up too much physical space, and it's too expensive :( Usually I draw fanart and my OCs, though sometimes I draw animals and scenes. I can knit but I lose track of stitches easily so I mostly made a bunch of scarves... I can also crochet, but I don't have the patience for it. I love to cook and my favourite thing to make is minestrone!

Miscellaneous interests and likes

I have a strong interest in geology and specifically the crystal trade. I also have an interest in art history, tokusatsu history, gardening (I have lots of potted plants - mostly succulents), origami and tea. My favourite types of tea are earl grey and ginseng oolong and I love trying new types. I also like journalism and I currently volunteer as a writer for The Tokusatsu Network.

Want to know more? I also have OCs, a character shrine page, and a links page to my super awesome very cool social media!

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Still not satisfied? Then here's some more personal stuff. You can check out my gunpla photography and my favourite art!