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Is it weird to make a shrine for your own character? Oh well, too bad. I love Kuromiya so much that he deserves it! Kuromiya originally started off as simply an OC for Kamen Rider Kabuto, but he's kind of spiralled into his own thing. When I feel stressed out, drawing him calms me down. I'm like those artists who draw the same anime girl over and over again, but for me it's a gross murderer in his mid-30s. Kuromiya is a horrible person who loves murder and eats cigarettes for breakfast, but he's also very fun to tease and milk cat. If I met him in real life he would either ignore me or kill me in a very brutal and uncaring manner (isn't he dreamy?).


All of this art is mine, so please be respectful. No thieving! If you want to see more, there's a bunch on my pixiv. Click the images to open them bigger in a new tab.