WEB 1.1

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Web 1.1 is, well... It's part philosophy, part guideline, part methodology. It's my approach and opinion on how we, as citizens of the internet and curators of the lost treasures of Geocities, should try our best to preserve that legacy.

Obviously, Neocities wouldn't exist without Geocities. This website and many others are styled to be tributes to an age long gone of personal, ditzy, often poorly-built Geocities websites. Their designs were clunky, and over the years - in no small part due to Yahoo's devastating decision to shut Geocities down - huge amounts of information has been lost. Thousands of websites no longer exist, not even in broken hyperlinks. Images have been completely obliterated from our digital memory. This is a tragic loss, and a continuous one. Every day, as images break and links lead to nowhere, we lose a little more of history. I want to help preserve that history in any way I can. Thus, I created my own personal philosophy - Web 1.1.

The name 'Web 1.1' comes from the term Web 1.0, referring to the first iteration of the World Wide Web in the 90s. It was followed by Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, which leads us to the present day. Web 3.0, while efficient and sleek, is also heavily monetised and has lost that personal, widespread charm of Web 1.0. Web 1.1 refers to paying tribute and preserving the remains of Web 1.0, while striving to continue its legacy and, where appropriate, implement Web 3.0 features to provide accessibility and longevity. That includes things like always providing alternate text for images, and ensuring text and images are easy to see and understand.

So... What do you do?

Awesome question! To begin with, making this website! I strongly believe that we should decentralise the internet. Corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube own too much of our time and attention. By expanding our lens and creating our own websites, we take back freedom of expression. This website also contains elements salvaged from old Geocities websites. I want to preserve those little treasures, and in the future I plan to implement:

  • A page of salvaged adoptables
  • A directory of websites that preserve Geocities websites / elements
  • Tutorials on HTML, CSS, and how to find content from Geocities websites


Sure! The more the merrier! In the future I'll make a web button that you can put on your own website to link back here, showing you're proudly a member of Web 1.1. For now, here are some examples of things I'm doing that you can do too!

  • Put saved Geocities websites into the wayback machine!
  • Add alternate text to all the images on your website!
  • Provide epilepsy warnings for large flashing gifs!
  • Save old web elements and use them on your website! (with a source where you can!)
  • Make a list of cool websites, and share them with the world!