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Everyone in this show is so gay

I'm gay, so understandably I get pretty excited when shows have gay stuff in them. And, lucky for me, Ryuki has a LOT of queercoding in it. It also has two canonically gay characters! But... They're not explicitly gay in the main show, so let me explain.

In Rider Time Ryuki (A part of Kamen Rider Zi-O), Kamen Rider Raia and Kamen Rider Gai have gay sex. Yes, seriously. Inoue, you wonderful bastard. So even if they're not stated to be gay in the main series, to me this makes Ryuki the first Kamen Rider show to have gay characters. And two of them!!!! It's wonderful and it makes me so happy. In retrospect, they're both pretty obvious. One of them is literally called Gai...

Aside from Raia and Gai, the other Kamen Riders are extremely gay, if not canonically (but who cares about canon, seriously). Shinji and Ren are clear examples of this; Ren states in Episode Final that Shinji is the only person he's close enough to to consider a friend, and in the original series Shinji's death scene makes Ren cry - a very rare occurence for a man with such a harsh exterior. The subtext is strong, with them sharing a room and spending so much time together. In Rider Time Ryuki, Shinji promises Ren that they'll meet again before Ren succumbs to his injuries.

'But Rain, it's not canon! They're not actually gay. You're just pushing that on the characters.' First of all who are you, mr. strawman? Go away! If people can say that characters are straight just because they have tender, emotional scenes with someone of the opposite gender, then I can interpret these boys as gay. Anyway.

My #1 favourite ship in Ryuki is Kitaoka/Goro. Goro is my favourite character: his deep love for Kitaoka is heartrending, especially at the end of the show when Kitaoka is clearly near death. He's very much a character designed to subvert expectations. With his resting glower-face, quiet personality, and bodyguard/butler vocation, his first scenes paint him as a tough yakuza type. In reality, he's a softhearted guy who asks for help when he needs it, likes to cook, is kind to kids, and would do anything for Kitaoka because Kitaoka saved his life. In turn, Kitaoka cares for Goro much more than he pretends to, evidenced by his refusal at first to save Goro from being kidnapped - but getting too worried and rushing to try and save him not long after. I can understand why the power dynamics of the relationship might squick some people out, but I feel that Goro never does anything in the show he wouldn't do by choice - Kitaoka and him are two parts of one machine, and definitely banging.

Ryuki suffers from 'not enough women' disease, but the ladies that are present are very funky and I love them! Reiko consistently rebuffs advances from Kitaoka, and you can't look at her in a suit and tell me she's straight. Yui has extreme nonbinary lesbian energy, and I really want scenes with her and Kamen Rider Femme - that would be adorable and you know it.

This page is way too long already, so I'll end it by saying please make gay Ryuki fanart and send it to me at @rainmirage_art on twitter I'm begging you

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Kamen Rider Ryuki is my favourite Kamen Rider show, and it doesn't get enough (read: any) love. I hope at least someone feels compelled to watch Ryuki because of this page!


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