Office carpet square
room diagonal lines black suit shined shoes -
glossy like a carapace.
Cubicle lice, trouser leg rides up
revealing black sock insect
productive keyboard, skittering hive,
honey blood papercut;
tight pencil skirt lean over
paper copy machine millipede legs.
Stress toy squeeze, fly gut squash
drywall desk termite nest
five o'clock bottlefly.

Untitled (Childhood)

red prickle flush
fat roots open air
crumble cliff
saltwater foam
I've swallowed fish bones
warming my body
sickly salt brandy.
around the thickest branch
pohutukawa swing
one rope, thin plank
takes a jump to get on.
scramble up clay rocks
for a chance to send
your stomach flying
hot blue sky
splashing down
perfect shoal diver

Days over Parcel

concrete walk's flooded again –
greywacke puddle
soaking into black sneakers
there's the Morepork tree
there's the cracked fence kennel
there's sourpatch plastic
suburbs grey smoke
in wintry wind
lost jandals clutter
down grates - clogged
dirty wet pink rubber
clumps - I'm at the lake to visit,
be visited, By slick oil ducks
one two three
university doors shudder open
red fuzz carpet lining
hi ho paper trail
tracey's red shock
slaughter hair
nobody else I know.
turn back - over –
to grass clip mud rake
clouds scudding heaven

Her World

Eye Smile Synth Saw
Neon skirt Jump summer-flush
Cold And Fresh!
Plastic – feel, run Your hand over
Chrome Rush – she Dances
Exhaustion incapable, lagoon – fruit
Sweat out your Pencil skirt –
Linoleum skid –
Sweat Arcade purple floor
She’s Writing, Twintails
Teal future Tone dance
Yourself to Ecstasy DEATH!