Cyrus Maedra

Name: Cyrus Maedra

Birth Date: 15 November 0072

Gender: Male

Type: Oldtype

Allegiance: Coattails

Job / Rank: Vice-Admiral

Mobile Weapons: N/A, Commands an Endra known as the ‘Hyacinth’

Appearance: Cyrus is 184cm tall, with black hair, dark brown eyes and pale skin. His hair looks like Gihren's Greed era Garma's - long and held back in a low ponytail. He has a quite feminine face. Think Alucard but less vampiric. His uniform features a dark purple jacket, white trousers and black knee high boots.

Cyrus is ambitious, intelligent, and hedonistic. He is physically very weak, afflicted by many illnesses and allergies, so prefers work that doesn’t require physical activity. His interests include going over the monthly budget, literature, and fine wines.

Cyrus excels where writing and the fine arts are concerned. He is a skilled entrepreneur, and while he spends money carelessly, he is well equipped to fund his spending sprees.

His sharp mind brings with it his greatest flaw, however. Cyrus is perpetually anxious, either worrying about Vaska or for Idris and Ogilvy. He cares deeply for his husband and son, and easily spirals into nervousness about them when the Coattails are in battle. This is quelled by the presence of his faithful assistant Senu.


Blueridge is my Spyro OC. I played skylanders a lot as a kid, and I played a little bit of the Spyro trilogy, and I really like the way the big dragons are designed. Blueridge is a female dragon who is a strong and brave soldier.


Cloud is my fursona! They're a nonbinary waterbuck. Cloud is a bit of a worrywart, and likes hanging out with their friend Dean. They're taller than their personality suggests, which can make them feel awkward.

Frances Maedra

Frances is Cyrus Maedra's big sister. She's a high ranking member of the Sleeves, and is fiercely protective of her younger brother. She has a no-nonsense attitude and her wife, who is significantly sweeter than her, makes some people wonder how they get along so well.

Algernon Maedra

Algernon was the bastard horrible father of Cyrus and Frances Maedra. He was an awful father, belittling Cyrus and contributing to his ongoing anxiety disorder. His wife, Cassandra Maedra, eventually had him assassinated, and nobody missed him.

Marco Zaluska

Marco Zaluska is a pilot in the Coattails. He pilots a Dreissen called Deacon Blues, and has a penchant for getting into trouble. He doesn't like to spend time repairing his mobile suit, which has landed him in a lot of dangerous situations. He's been estranged from his birth family since he was a very young teenager, and has since been adopted by Zohar and Emogene Zaluska. In more recent years, he has rekindled his relationship with his birth mother, and now considers all three his rightful parents.

Marco can be both childish and mature. He loves to have fun and be reckless, but he is never cruel or malicious. He will protect his family no matter what.

Idris Maedra

Idris is somewhat introverted, serious, and down to earth. Not much phases him and he's a good listener. If something makes him upset he deals with it by withdrawing himself from the world and burying himself in his work.

Idris did not experience a good upbringing, as his mother Mary died when he was young and his father Redder developed an alcohol addiction to cope with her loss. He essentially educated himself, becoming absorbed in strategic games to avoid the reality of his father’s neglect. Their isolation on a dilapidated scrapyard exacerbated his loneliness, and this caused Idris to have quite a blunt and somewhat awkward personality. Once in his early twenties he decided to leave home, and worked several jobs before finding himself in the Coattails. His skill at tactics quickly found him promoted to Lieutenant Commander as a strategist. He now has the family he wished for as a child, and is devoted to giving his son Ogilvy the upbringing he never had himself.

Finn Moretti

Appearance: Finn is 167cm tall. They have short, curly brown hair, brown eyes, freckles and a soft face. They usually wear a too-large bomber jacket, jeans and combat boots, all very old and worn. They tend to have a stand-offish expression.

Description: Finn found themselves in the Coattails not by choice, but by circumstance. Their family’s ship was caught in crossfire during a Coattails battle, and Finn’s parents were killed. Finn was rescued by the Coattails.

Finn is unstable, emotional, and a very strong Newtype. They are very empathetic but to a damaging degree, and deal with their strong emotions by lashing out aggressively.

Celine Maedra

Celine is the childhood friend and now wife of Cassandra Maedra. She had always loved Cassandra, and while hurt by Cassandra's marriage to Algernon, was happy to continue a platonic relationship with the love of her life. When Algernon died, Cassandra confessed her love to Celine, and their decades-long pining finally came to an end.

Izumi Miyano

Miyano is a mobile suit pilot in the Coattails. She pilots a blue Jamru Fin called Miku - a nod towards her obsession. Izumi is in love with Hatsune Miku, and refuses to allow anyone into her room lest they see her extension collection of Miku memorabilia. She's an incredibly skilled pilot and a newtype, and constantly gets in arguments of who is the best pilot in the Coattails fleet.

James 'Slim Jim' Tomatuk

Slim Jim is a professional dumbass, and a kind and brave idiot. He pilots a mobile suit called King Crimson and while he only has one brain cell, he uses it for loving his friends and trying to do the best for those around him.

Cassandra Maedra

Cassandra is the mother of Frances and Cyrus Maedra, the wife of Celine Maedra, and the widow of Algernon Maedra. She was married to Algernon from a young age, the relationship being set up by their parents as they were both from rich families. Cassandra tried to be a loving and kind mother to her two children, but frequent health issues meant she wasn't there for them as much as she wanted to be. This changed around 0096, following the not-accidental death of Algernon and her subsequent remarrying to her childhood friend Celine. She is now active in her childrens' lives, and loves them both dearly.


Kaldar is a robot, with the sapience level equivalent to a dog. It tends to act like a dog, too - Kaldar is inquisitive and friendly to its master, and unwaveringly loyal. Kaldar is two metres tall, and walks with its head leant forward. It does not understand English, but responds to its name when called.

King Crimson


Deacon Blues

Gundam Makeshift