Episode 1: Takeshi's Castle

This episode is a fun and relaxed start! I liked the interview with the men who created Space Invaders and densha de GO, as they were interesting and really showed how good Shinya Arino is at carrying a conversation. He's the perfect person for this show - he keeps the atmosphere relaxed and chatty. It's beautiful that Takeshi's Castle was a result of taking the man's drunken ramblings seriously.

Episode 2: Angelique Trois

I liked angelique trois, and the interviews were very cute. I had no idea dynasty warriors started as a fighting game rather than a hack-n-slash!

Episode 3: Steel Battalion

Man, I wanna play steel battalion with that setup so bad... Not a super interesting episode for me because I don't really care about capcom.

Episode 4: Room Mania

By the way, for some of these I only have access to the challenge parts. While I'm impressed and grateful to TV-Nihon for having such immense longevity and breadth, it's kind of annoying that they'd only provide the challenge parts as an option. Anyhow, room mania is an interesting concept with weird execution. I definitely don't think I'd want to play it, but it was very funny that Arino didn't even notice he'd succeeded.

Episode 5: Astro Robo Sasa

Man, old games are so bullshit. I would have ragequit way before Arino on this one.

Episode 6: Door Door

Door Door is so cute! I loved when they brought in a staff member and he did just as badly as Arino. I was on the edge of my seat when Arino was trying to get the final prize... This show is really great at raising the stakes on completely banal things, it's great.

Episode 7: Kung Fu, Gradius, Hyper Olympic

Mehhh, kind of boring.